BluePrint Energy Auditing Tool

by Carbon Descent

BluePrint is Carbon Descent’s latest software solution in the low carbon sector. It is both a tablet PC application for collecting data during site visits and a desktop program for developing recommendations and producing automated reports.

My experience as an energy auditor began 5 years ago, working in a dedicated energy auditing firm. In that company we developed many of our own systems in house, including macro linked Excel sheets which partially automated the calculation of energy saving recommendations. Amongst the engineers we thought the next evolution of our systems, in terms of saving time and improving quality, was for the information collected onsite to be recorded directly onto a computer, ready for processing.

BluePrint does exactly this. BluePrint is a software tool, 4 years in development that streamlines the data handling in energy audits. It has been developed by Software Manager Julie Allen as the product of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Carbon Descent and London South Bank University.

Example of BluePrint loading on a tablet PC

The benefits of BluePrint above conventional auditing methods

Time saving – This is achieved through onsite data gathering with a tablet PC, robust recommendation calculators, automated report generation and inbuilt benchmarking features.

Consistency – The tool brings a consistent methodology from audit to audit as well as across a team of energy assessors.

Reuse of facility details for subsequent audits – Once an audit is complete, the layout of the site, clients, and other site specific information is contained in the software database. This makes subsequent audits faster with easily accessible historical data.

Configurable – The software is highly customisable. Additional recommendations can be added to the existing suite. The report generated following an audit can be tailored for different sites, such as, a factory, a swimming pool or an office.

Up to date reference data – Data such as emissions factors and the costs of measures are regularly updated to ensure accurate assessments are produced.

Future features planned

Additional resources – BluePrint can record many features about a site that relate to its resource consumption. Whilst currently only set-up for Energy, we plan to add water and waste functionality in following releases.

Management capabilities – The tool will provide a range of preformatted management information reports for single or multiple projects. This will enable an organisation to monitor various parameters across projects such as time spent by an auditor, CO2 savings identified, and an overview of project billing.

Display Energy Certificates – The benchmarking methodology employed in BluePrint closely follows that of the Display Energy Certificates. With some planned alterations, it is intended that the product become certified to deliver Display Energy Certificates in the near future.

The official launch for BluePrint will be towards the end of 2011. Please email us at should you wish to be invited to the launch or receive news updates for this product.

The official BluePrint Website can be found here

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